Expanded Heart Meditation

Immerse yourself in this advanced meditation, opening the doors to your supernatural and superhuman abilities with esteemed researcher Dr Joe Dispenza.

In this transformative meditation, you'll: ✓ Expand your awareness to embrace the vastness of universal consciousness, tapping into realms beyond ordinary perception. ✓ Unlock your supernatural potential and propel yourself into a new reality through learning the art of accessing elevated emotions.
✓ Effortlessly facilitate the smooth flow of your desires towards you by strengthening your ability to create a powerful attractor field.

Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditation is a profound exploration of the depths of universal consciousness.

Please note that his tonality, pacing, and language are intentional and based on rigorous scientific research. The session is designed to bypass your conscious mind and induce relaxation in the autonomic nervous system. It is encouraged to stay open-minded and fully present, allowing the meditation to unfold its transformative potential at its fullest.

Homeplay: • Celebrate your completion of this guide and go out and create abundance.

Host: Dr. Joe Dispenza
Audio Languages: English