The Truth Injection: More New World Order Exposed

Ian R. Crane
S1:Ep157 mins2010Guest: Ian Crane

Ian Crane has long advocated freedom by working to exposing conspiracies of the rich and powerful. He exposes their machinations through the powerful presentation he has given all over the world. We join up with him as he presents a wide range of information before a live audience.

Ian exposes the amazing set of coincidences connecting swine flu and bird flu outbreaks with the development of new drugs. Then, he reveals the hidden truths of the Treaty of Lisbon and key shadow players as European countries entered into a union. There is hope as he reveals an ancient key showing how we can use the balance of spiritual and material worlds in order to rise up and be a part of this game, instead of being victims of it.

Featuring: Ian Crane
Video Language: English