With One Voice

With One Voice shares the eternal message and wisdom of the mystics. This illuminating documentary film explores the unity of humanity, reveals our essential oneness, and spreads the single message that binds all faiths together. The movie features mystics from many of the great spiritual traditions around the world, whose lives have been dedicated to answering the mysteries of existence. For mystics, all of our problems stem from a loss of connection with the infinite source that sustains us all. Join filmmakers and mystics on a journey to reconnect with this source. Winner in 2009 of the Telly Award for Best Documentary and Best Spiritual/Religious Documentary; the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival; the Chesapeake Film Festival and the Global Peace Film Festival. To view extended interviews with the teachers from the Eastern mystical traditions featured in this video, see Eastern Mystics.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish