Walking Between the Worlds (Gregg Braden) – Part 2

One thousand seven hundred years ago key elements of our ancient heritage were lost to the west, relegated to hidden libraries and elite priesthoods. Recently translated manuscripts from the ancient Essenes, the mysterious authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls, offer new insight into what information, exactly, may have been lost.

Now Gregg Braden reveals what the Essenes have suggested-- that our relationships mirror and respond to the beliefs that we each hold within us. Continuing our exploration of the Essene Mirrors, Gregg illuminates the inner technology of emotion: the Third and Fourth Essene Mirrors. Magnetic attractions between people often represent the embodied wisdom of meeting another who holds a piece of life experience that we may need or vice versa.

On the other hand, we often rearrange our lives to accommodate certain patterns of behavior that we've habituated over the course of our lives. Now the time has come for you to hear the Essenes carefully describe the science of how we shift our inner beliefs through compassion and blessing, to become the relationships and conditions that we pray for in our loved ones, communities and our world.

Host: Gregg Braden
Featuring: Gregg Braden
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English