6 Ways to Steady Your Sleep Cycle

Do you want to wake up earlier and be more alert in the mornings? Tired of your same old late night routine: working, snacking, unable to sleep? Or, are you going to sleep too early and waking up in the early morning hours?

Being unable to sleep and rise with the rest of the world can leave you feeling lazy and out of sync with everyone else. However, being lazy is not the case; you just need to reset your internal biological clock!

These are the natural and healthy ways to reset your body’s internal clock:


Researchers have shown that a week-long camping trip at least once a year can help you reset your internal biological clock. Use your artificial lights (flashlights, cell phones, computers, etc.) only in a legitimate emergency, and instead take in the natural lighting from the sun and the campfire. It has been found that those who participate in a week-long camping trip encounter four times more natural light and end up rising to two hours earlier.

Morning Walks:

A [morning walk])/series/am-pm-walking-weight-loss) is a great alternative to expose yourself to the morning sun and engaging in A.M. alertness.

Use Bright Lights in the Morning:

It is best to use bright lights in the morning to set cues in your brain that it is morning time. So turn on those lights and open the curtains in the morning to train your brain.

Reduce Evening Lights:

Keeping the lights low toward the end of the day will tell your brain that it is night time. Remove cell phones, computers, night lights and TVs from the bedroom and do not use these devices an hour before bed.

Regular Meals and Exercise:

By having a regular routine for meals and exercise, you're helping steady your internal clock.

Do Not Nap:

Limiting your time in bed after you wake up and before you go to sleep helps to maintain a steady internal clock. This means no napping and no sleeping in!

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