Don’t Miss This Rare Solstice Planetary Alignment

Solstice Planetary Alignment

Today marks a full planetary parade, a Cancer solstice, and the perfect time for you to expand your potential.

Here’s how you can prepare to get the most out of this rare phenomenon on June 21st the Northern Hemisphere will see the most light while the Southern Hemisphere will be at its darkest.

If we look through a telescope that night, we’ll be able to see all the planets of our solar system lining up with the Moon in between Mars and Jupiter. But starting June 24th, the Moon will be in the constellation of Taurus between Mars and Venus and will be the most beautiful day to look at the sky.

How will this celestial event impact our lives? Astrologer Mercedes Arnus Arraut weighs in on the event.

“So equinox and solstices divide the zodiac wheel into four points, which are the zero degrees of Aires, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn,” Arraut said. “When the Sun enters any of these four constellations, we have an equinox or solstice, bringing in a new season. That’s why these four zodiac signs are called cardinal signs; it’s cardinal energy bringing something new and activating areas in our life that needed action. In this case, the constellation that we’re talking about is Cancer — the energy of home. Cancer season starts on June 21st and talks about homes, safety, family, stability, protection, nurture, and what’s familiar to us — it’s our emotions. So in the upcoming three months, we can experience a renewal of all these matters, since Cancer solstice this year takes place under very dynamic energy.”

What can we expect Jupiter to bring in as a key figure in this solstice?

“We can see that in the upcoming three months we can changing homes, we can be dealing with important family matters, or looking to make important investments into an important property or project that we want to nurture,” Arraut said. “So since Jupiter, the planet of foreign lands and expansion is a very key figure in the solstice, we can be looking for a home abroad. There are lots of people moving or creating a home, overseas for example, or in other states, as well, we can be making investments in places that are foreign to us, and definitely lots of traveling.”

What can those of us who are uncertain about letting go of what isn’t serving us do to align our lives in the next three months?

“For this solstice we have a full planetary alignment, which is something very rare, indicating that this solstice is a key matter to align our life and let go of whatever is not aligned. So, if we do this act of aligning ourselves consciously, the next three months will go a lot smoother than if we don’t. But for sure we can experience many changes in everything that was giving us stability, and a lot of action and movement when it comes to what is home to us,” Arraut said.

Although Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus will align during this year’s summer solstice, Arraut says the energy will last for about three months after the conjunction. So, be sure to embrace this time of action to light a fire in your life and expand your horizon.

Alignment of Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces Hasn't Occurred in 160 Years

Jupiter, Neptune Align in Pisces

Jupiter and Neptune will be in conjunction in Pisces, which hasn’t happened in more than 160 years. What does this mean for humanity and the planet? And how should you greet this cosmic phenomenon? 

The two planets will soon be in conjunction, where they appear to be close to each other when observed from Earth, and they will be in Pisces, something we have not seen since 1856.

Astrologer Mercedes Arnus Arraut explains what this means to us.

“Jupiter is the planet of news, knowledge, (and) media, and Neptune is the planet of spirituality, higher reals, higher dimensions, the ethereal — things that you cannot explain, the mystical,” Arraut said. “Something very interesting is that Pisces, the constellation where both Jupiter and Neptune unite, is the realm of both Jupiter and Neptune because before Neptune was discovered the Pisces constellation was ruled by Jupiter. So the fact that both these celestial bodies unite in both of their realms in Pisces, it’s very redundant energy where this mystical Pisces energy is going to be blooming all of our lives.”

This conjunction is in April, but we may be feeling the effects now.

“So the time this conjunction peaks is in the middle of April. This doesn’t mean we’re only going to feel it in April, because starting the Piscean month, which starts the 18th of February, we’re going to be having a boom of Pisces energy because the Sun is going to be walking towards this constellation — throughout this constellation — and both highlighting the energy of both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces,” Arraut said.

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