Win a Roku + Yoga Starter Kit from Gaiam!

Welcome to week 3 of our <a href="/guide/commit-you" target="_blank">21-day #CommitToYou Yoga Challenge,</a> which is all about finding your center, shedding what no longer serves you, and keeping positive this year (and this winter). You know - all the magical things that begin to happen to you when you start practicing yoga.

Asana is not the only limb of yoga, but one of the most popular and usually the limb that most start with on their yoga journey. So naturally,, we should give away some Gaiam yoga starter kits, right? Right!

How do you win? Simply enter in the box below. You can even gain extra entries by sharing on social media. This contest is easier than bakasana. Well, lots of things are easier than bakasana.

We will be picking 5 winners who will receive a Roku Box & a Gaiam yoga mat and block!

Good luck!

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