Summer Watchlist

Summertime is filled with what really matters in life: friends, family, food, sunshine and laughter. Do you yearn to move and dance? Enjoy ice cream with your favorite people while watching a movie? Or just learn something new? Gaia staff members pulled together their favorite Yoga, Spiritual Growth and Seeking Truth shows and films for your every summer desire.


Too busy for the studio this summer? Gaia staff member Craig Weiss shares his favorite practices to help you explore yoga at home or outside. Adjust to the summer heat with a gentle yin restorative practice or get your summer groove on with a flow practice.

Seeking Truth

Are the long days of summer making you crave depth and mind expanding conversation? Gaia staff member Danette Wallace shares her favorite shows to expand your mind: they may leave you with more questions than answers, but will certainly give you fodder for the most intriguing summer conversations.


Does summer make you yearn for change, growth and freedom? Gaia staff member Michal Lebowitsch shares her summer favorites to help you morph from caterpillar to butterfly. Have fun expanding your wings.

Gaia Summer Jams

Gaia staff member Tiffany Horn shares her favorite tunes this summer. Join us for a summertime virtual dance session: there is always someone dancing somewhere.

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