As the front of the body contracts, the back of the body lengthens, making forward folds an effective way to lengthen muscles along your spine and in the backs of your legs. The shape of a forward fold is also very nurturing, inviting the mind to turn inward.

The compression of the internal organs as you fold forward helps to improve digestion and stimulate the functioning of the liver, kidneys, and spleen. For people who suffer from headaches, forward folds are a great natural solution to dealing with discomfort associated with headaches.

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What are the best forward fold yoga poses for a beginner?

Wide-seated angle pose (upavistha konasana) is a great pose for beginning students to start to familiarize themselves with the shape and actions of forward folds. Most students benefit from practicing this posture seated on the edge of a folded blanket in order to help tilt the bowl of their pelvis forward. Using a bolster or folded blanket under the knees can help alleviate the discomfort some students experience.

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