Emersion Conference
Season 2 . 11 Episodes

When you have the tools to heal yourself and create the life you want, long-term change becomes far easier than you might think. Now streaming Seasons 1 - 3 on demand.

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S2:Ep1, Emersion Conference Highlights (FREE)
Emersion Conference (Trailer)
Episode 1
22 mins
Learn from world-renowned authors and teachers sharing their wisdom in the GaiaSphere.
Episode 2
1 hr 31 mins
What aspects of the mind interact with the greater, or higher, mind? In this fascinating talk, we examine the trapped, traumatized, creative, and magnificent worlds of our consciousness as we explore how all aspects of our mind work together.
Episode 3
1 hr 33 mins
Discover the secret of how group intention and the Power of Eight® unleashes a miraculous power to heal yourself, your loved ones, and the world.
Episode 4
1 hr 1 min
Dr. Gilbert reveals the seven little-known secrets of sacred geometry that provide the foundation for effective practices which can optimize and transform every aspect of our lives.
Episode 5
1 hr
In recent years, the world seems to have become more challenging for many, particularly for the more sensitive, gentler souls among us. In this presentation, Moorjani assists you in stepping into your power and embracing the strength that is your sensitivity.
Episode 6
1 hr 38 mins
In this highly anticipated presentation, Kwik will take you on a journey to explore the limitless potential of the human brain and how you can harness its power to create a better life and a brighter world.
Episode 7
1 hr 1 min
Oliver Niño, aka “The Spiritual Activator,” will explore strategies and practices for maintaining healthy energy levels and boundaries as an empath or sensitive person.
Episode 8
1 hr 3 mins
Join world-renowned spirit medium Maureen Hancock as she leads you through intuitive exercises & meditations designed to help you meet your guides and understand the process of spirit communication.
Episode 9
56 mins
Join Jon Gabriel as he shares how to become aware of the highest version of ourselves by using specific meditations and visualizations. Learn to transition to these better versions of reality and live your most incredible life in the greatest world possible.
Episode 10
59 mins
In this beautifully illustrated presentation, William Henry takes you on a journey along an ethereal path to discover the spiritual secrets of exemplars and avatars who balanced their inner masculine and feminine polarities
Episode 11
1 hr 28 mins
In this transmission, Bashar, channeled through Darryl Anka, will deliver a detailed explanation of what he calls The 5-Step Formula, The 7 Basic Needs, and The 11 Elements. This can raise our vibration and increase synchronicity.