Free Yourself From Anxiety, Depression and ADHD Interview With Jodi Chapman
1 Season . 8 Episodes TV-PG

Learn to free yourself from anxiety and depression with 7 steps explained by naturopath and nutritionist, Jodi Chapman.

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Free Yourself From Anxiety, Depression and ADHD Interview With Jodi Chapman (Preview)

In this 7-part presentation Jodi Chapman, nutritionist, and naturopath, explores lifestyle modifications that can help you control depression, anxiety and ADHD.

The series begins with the removal of irritants within your life that give rise to allergies and exacerbate your mood. Jodi also shows how you can listen to the biofeedback your body provides and distinguish which preservatives, over-processed foods, or toxins are causing your body distress.

The simple process of cleansing and supplementing your diet with the 'good stuff' will replenish your body's deficiencies, aid in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, and help build the brain chemicals that will enhance your overall mood.

Along with dietary amendments, Jodi will also explore the concept of stress and hormones, and how all the steps are intertwined. You’ll discover that when a certain component is out of line, your entire body can become out of whack!

Focusing on self-healing, Jodi encourages a personal journey to recovery, using the signals your body is giving you and allowing for your own flow in life.

Host: James Colquhoun
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
14 mins TV-PG
Jodi Chapman shares her journey on becoming a naturopath and how her experiences and studies have led to her expertise in nutrition and mental distress.
10 mins TV-PG
Learn to identify the irritants in your life that exacerbate your anxiety, depression and ADHD with naturopath and nutritionist Jodi Chapman.
15 mins TV-PG
In this interview, Jodi Chapman explains the importance of gut health in relation to brain chemical synthesis and how their roles intertwine.
7 mins TV-PG
Malabsorption of nutrients can result in deficiencies, understanding which vitamins and minerals your body may be lacking can affect the brain chemical function and ultimately your mood.
6 mins TV-PG
After learning about the irritants and deficiencies that exacerbate moods, Jodi Chapman delves into the way you can nourish your body and aid these deficiencies through diet.
6 mins TV-PG
Beyond nutrition, stress can become an integral factor playing a role in hormone balance and digestive health which can lead to an increase emotional distress.
8 mins TV-PG
Hormones are essential for regulating many functions of the body, however, many external factors can interfere with this, join Jodi Chapman as she explains, the role of hormones in the body and how they can give rise to emotional distress.
12 mins TV-PG
Step 7 of controlling your anxiety, depression and ADHD is understanding your brain wave patterns and retraining thought patterns using Neurotherapy and meditation techniques.