Healing Matrix
Season 5 . 6 Episodes

Explore a wide range of emerging science and alternative health modalities with today’s top researchers and visionaries.

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S5:Ep1, The LifeQuake Phenomenon (Preview)
Healing Matrix (Trailer)
Episode 1
45 mins
You don’t need to suffer and experience disaster to initiate change in your life. With Dr. Toni Galardi’s Lifequake Phenomenon, you can learn to move forward with a greater ease into your life’s purpose.
Episode 2
44 mins
Psychedelic therapy is on the cutting edge of healing today. Daniel McQueen and his Center for Medicinal Mindfulness have become established leaders of the movement to provide safe and legal psychedelic medicine experiences.
Episode 3
44 mins
Are we allergic to food? Or allergic to what’s been done to it? For when it comes to wellness, we know we can avoid prescriptions, alcohol, and tobacco, but the one thing we cannot cut out is food — and food is the most important input in any health care system.
Episode 4
45 mins
Tune into your true worth and start living from a place of self love — a place where real healing can occur. A psychologist and best-selling author, Dr. Margaret Paul developed her inner bonding program thirty years ago to help you become a loving adult to your inner child.
Episode 5
45 mins
David Avocado Wolfe, in his search for the best substances for health and longevity, “discovered” charcoal, and now he takes it every day.
Episode 6
45 mins
Dr. Alejandro Junger created the best-selling program Clean, which has helped thousands of people detox their way to true health and vitality.