Healing Matrix
Season 4 . 11 Episodes

Explore alternative health modalities with researchers and visionaries in emerging science.

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S4:Ep1, The Gut Goddess (FREE)
Healing Matrix (Trailer)
Episode 1
48 mins
Did you know that many illnesses are all related to failing gut health?
Episode 2
46 mins
Zach Bush exposes unintended consequences from glyphosate pesticides.
Episode 3
45 mins
Danette May made a discovery that helped others face their deepest fears.
Episode 4
47 mins
Donna Eden’s work pairs western medicine with energetic medicine for deep healing.
Episode 5
42 mins
Dr. Ed Park is convinced that we are not doomed to suffer as we get older. His goal is to better understand the process of aging and age-related illnesses, beyond the role of telomerase on telomeres.
Episode 6
55 mins
Michael Beckwith shares his practices to take 100% responsibility for your healing.
Episode 7
44 mins
Jonathan Tripodi explains how traumatic events embed memory patterns within cells.
Episode 8
48 mins
Lane Carlson has devoted his life to the discovery of different methods of healing.
Episode 9
49 mins
Our bodies are maps that can guide us to experiencing health or imbalance. Deborah King unveils the connection between hidden inner trauma and poor health
Episode 10
44 mins
Anahata Ananda developed shamangelic healing — combining the wisdom of a shaman with the compassion of an angel. Calling on many modalities of shamanism, she guides profound journeys of core healing and spiritual awakening.
Episode 11
41 mins
Healer Esther Gokhale created the Gokhale Method, a revolutionary program that shows people how to use posture and movement to restore their structural integrity and banish pain.