Meditations: The Pathless Path

Daniel Schmidt
1 Season, 9 Episodes
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Connect with Samadhi, your true nature beyond its limited form, through this series of progressive meditation practices.

Integral to meditation is the cultivation of concentration and inner surrender. These skills are nurtured as we move from shorter to longer periods of meditation, as we move from using techniques to choiceless awareness, and as we move from mind-fullness to mind-emptiness. This is where we can realize the non-dual state of Samadhi which is beyond fullness and emptiness.

The Pathless Path is created and narrated by renowned filmmaker and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt, creator of Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, and the Samadhi documentary series on Gaia. This is a series of nine guided audio meditation practices accompanied by beautiful visual patterns to enhance your interior practice.

This meditation series can be practiced by all levels. It is recommended to meditate daily and keep these meditations in your playlist to revisit continually.