On the Road with Lilou
Season 2 . 20 Episodes

Lilou Macé gets up close and personal with today’s top luminaries who are inspiring a new era of self-transformation and spiritual evolution for co-creators everywhere.

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S2:Ep1, Consciousness Connection with Anthony Peake (Preview)
Episode 1
42 mins
Have you ever wondered where we go when we dream, what happens with near death experiences, or even why we experience déjà vu? Author, Anthony Peake reveals the consciousness connection of déjà vu, dream states, out of body experiences and oneness through our higher selves.
Episode 2
41 mins
What we once thought about black holes is about to change. They are found everywhere from the center of galaxies to the Earth’s atmosphere and may be in our DNA. Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton talks about the spiritual growth that showed her the importance of black holes and the mind of god.
Episode 3
39 mins
Stress is one of the most common and dreadful things we face in modern society. But, we can choose what brings us stress and what makes us happy. Phil Parker explains his Lightning Process to identify the internal causes of stress and using the genius of the mind to create a happier and healthier life.
Episode 4
49 mins
A miracle can change the life of a person with a major illness. That miracle may not always come as a spontaneous healing; it might come as a change in perception. Arielle Essex explains that her personal journey with brain cancer was really a journey of self growth into the living miracle of self healing.
Episode 5
41 mins
Often times we feel powerless to access and live the life we want to have. What would you achieve if you found a way to be safe when you live courageously and beyond your comfort zone? Master hypnotherapist, Joseph Clough offers practical advice for discovering your living your true potential.
Episode 6
31 mins
If you learn to trust your heart-felt intuition, you will discover that the answers you need are already available to you. Intuitive Becky Walsh explains how to use different types of intuition so that you can stop worrying and put happiness and self love at the center of your life.
Episode 7
37 mins
All of us are born with a purpose to our life. Many of us lose sight of this purpose when we accept other people’s definition of success, rather than looking internally for answers. Jack Canfield recounts his experience of discovering his purpose and bringing it forth in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
Episode 8
37 mins
In our lives, we will always have ups and downs. We may not realize it, but we have many choices that we can make for our lives. We can choose to do the things that bring us more happiness and peace. Dain Heer provides many ways you can begin use to begin making the right choices in your life.
Episode 9
42 mins
What if you found out that your life was suppose to be a joyful celebration? Even though we may know the things that make us happy, we still do the things that bring us pain and suffering. Gary Douglas explains how to unlock what you were taught to be and begin to celebrate your life.
Episode 10
34 mins
Experiences of stress and pain are far too common and long term suffering has profound effects on health. EFT Tapping can release the suffering quickly and easily. Dawson church explains what EFT tapping is, and how it is one of the most powerful ways to release suffering from heart and mind.
Episode 11
31 mins
If it is true that each of us has an ideal soul mate just waiting to meet us, then all we have to do is prepare for it, ask for it in the right way, and act upon it. Arielle Ford reveals several powerful techniques to make that soul mate connection using the law of attraction.
Episode 12
40 mins
When John Gray wrote Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, he explored the differences between men and women in relationships. Now, he applies this philosophy to the workplace, examining the needs and communication styles of women and men.
Episode 13
39 mins
Instead of obsessing over the problems of the world, what if we could share our ideas in an effective way and create a better future? Foster Gamble explains how the Thrive Network helps innovators, with their own pieces of the solution, to connect and work together.
Episode 14
34 mins
We are seeing even more strange trails stretching across the sky and word is getting out that these chemtrails may pose a danger to public and planetary health. Kimberly Carter Gamble explains many of the concerns about chemtrails and offers a way to become a part of the solution.
Episode 15
34 mins
We are transitioning into a time of self empowerment where we take charge of our own development and create our own realities. But this transition is being met with resistance from those who are firmly attached to the old patriarchal ways.
Episode 16
40 mins
Individually, human beings are capable of generating healing energy. When paired with a loving partner, those capabilities become powerfully amplified. Sarina Stone offers a well grounded discussion on how you can learn to raise, sustain and release sexual energy for health and healing.
Episode 17
42 mins
The heart may be the source of a huge shift in consciousness as communities and cultures all over the world are uniting. Howard Martin explains how we can tap into this power and become part of the emerging heart-based world.
Episode 18
53 mins
Experiences from different lifetimes bring new levels of understanding to our higher beings and can create problems with different lives. Mira Kelley explains how past life regression can help with healing by creating a connection with one’s higher self and resolving lessons across lifetimes.
Episode 19
35 mins
What if there was a way to use the time we have to gain our fullest benefit? Tom Evans explains how you can use your consciousness to promote healing, slow the perception of time, and take conscious control of your chakras, all by getting into the right zone.
Episode 20
46 mins
After a successful music career, Lars Muhl made profound discoveries into the mystical teachings of the bible. Here, he recounts pivotal moments from his life of awakening and reveals the archetypes of Jesus and Magdalene that we all have within each of us.