On the Road with Lilou
Season 3 . 24 Episodes

Lilou Macé gets up close and personal with today’s top luminaries who are inspiring a new era of self-transformation and spiritual evolution for co-creators everywhere.

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S3:Ep1, New Paradigms of Power with Lawrence Bloom (Preview)
Episode 1
29 mins
From energy production to human rights, many of the most important things to our world seem to be broken. Lawrence Bloom explains how we can balance our wants with our needs and create new paradigms of power.
Episode 2
36 mins
As the illusions of separateness fade, the collective nature of consciousness comes to light. Rupert Sheldrake, who originated the theory of morphic resonance, explains how morphic fields shape the expressions of physical form and consciousness in all life.
Episode 3
57 mins
It is possible to awaken from the matrix into a life of grace and not be effected by all the negativity. Nick Good offers ways that you can attain a grounded and practical lifestyle that will help you ascend into a higher version of yourself that can manifest a life of wonder.
Episode 4
44 mins
Too many people find themselves on a life path that is not right for them, yet they are too afraid to make the changes they deeply need. Tim van der Vliet explains how we can attain that life by following the five steps to spiritual awakening and learning to trust your intuition.
Episode 5
38 mins
Science is now coming to the same understandings that ancient prophets discovered. Jay Lakhani bridges the gap of science and religion to easily bring new notions of spirituality to the younger generations.
Episode 6
53 mins
Lucid dreaming is the ability to be conscious in the dream state and make willful changes. Tibetan Buddhists call this consciousness practice Dream Yoga and it has the support of modern neuroscience. Charlie Morley explains the many benefits of lucid dreaming and offers simple techniques to begin this practice, now.
Episode 7
43 mins
Even though her books are fiction, the characters in Menna van Praag’s books go through a journey of self-discovery and become empowered to express their authentic selves. She explains how she made her dreams of being a writer come true and how we can find the courage to live authentically.
Episode 8
37 mins
Stop the endless search for happiness and start following your joy! When you learn to tune into your love, it will guide you and inspire the joy in your life. Robert Holden is an expert on happiness and love who offers the keys to following your joy.
Episode 9
47 mins
What does it take to be a human being in the modern world? The answer may come from the ancient spiritual traditions of shamanism. Rebekah Shaman integrates shamanic teachings into the daily life of the modern world and explains how we can learn to live shamanically.
Episode 10
43 mins
The realm of dreams is a land of mystery for many people. Yet, each dream is a message from our subconscious trying to reveal the things we have been denying ourselves. Davina MacKail explains how we can connect with our subconscious by listening to the whispers from our dreams.
Episode 11
42 mins
Someone can be highly intelligent, yet morally and ethically inept because they have not awakened the intelligence of their heart. Serge Obolensky Beddington-Behrens calls for us to feel the pain of the planet and open our hearts wide enough to let universal heart to come in and burn with a passion to make a difference in the world.
Episode 12
47 mins
What does it mean to be enlightened? Could it be the ability to converse with angels in another realm, or simply the momentary sense of peace within the real world? Frank Kinlsow has been pursuing enlightenment for over 40 years and he shares what he learned when he finally just stopped.
Episode 13
44 mins
Everything we encounter in life, even the obstacles, are messages from our higher being trying get us to pay attention. Every moment that you experience is a part of your own higher-self experiencing itself. Simran Singh delivers an inspirational message to dive into your passions and experience a life full of joy.
Episode 14
44 mins
When you are aligned with your purpose, it will show in everything that you do. Yet, many of us do not lead a fulfilled life as we are not realizing our purpose in life. Gabrielle Orr explains how you can use the Akashic Records to live in harmony with who you came to be.
Episode 15
37 mins
A healthy love life is just as important as having a healthy spiritual life. In fact, the two are intimately entwined. Blair Allison, the Love Guru, has dedicated her life to love and offers active steps to attaining true love.
Episode 16
30 mins
At a young age, Yasisurie Kiribandara wanted to explore other spiritual traditions. Her spiritual journey took her through various rigorous disciplines until she found the teachings Kirby De Lanerolle. Yasisurie Kiribandara explains how her lifelong spiritual path of seeking love, life and immortality serves as inspiration for her designs.
Episode 18
41 mins
It is important to know that we can influence what is happening in our brain and all of the physiological systems connected to it. Neuroscientiest Mario Beuregard offers a post-materialist scientist’s view of spirituality and brain function as it affects every aspect of our lives.
Episode 19
46 mins
The socioeconomic model that dominates much of the world is not sustainable and all of us are feeling the effects of its imminent demise. Pierre Pradervand explains how we can build a world that works for all or we will soon have a world that works for nobody.
Episode 20
41 mins
We have all heard the benefits of changing diet and lifestyle can dramatically improve health. Yet, we find it difficult to make that transition. Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, explains the benefits of a raw food diet and of the institute’s Life Transformation Program.
Episode 21
43 mins
Jean-Charles Chabot explains the importance of learning about your soul contract and building a connection with your higher self. Watch now to find out more.
Episode 22
41 mins
Stephanie South explains how she is continuing the work of José Argüelles on the nature of time, multidimensional reality and helping people learn to receive higher dimensional knowledge.
Episode 23
41 mins
We spend so much time navigating the world from our brains that we forget about the importance of compassion and gratitude. Hira Hosen is a Zen nun who helps people to activate their heart and discover the bliss and joy that is already available in their lives.
Episode 24
45 mins
We may have been born into a shame-based culture, but we can break free from these illusions of shame by embracing our genuine passions. Robert Ohotto explains how we can begin to cultivate conscious choices in order to build soul esteem and transcend paradigms of shame.
Episode 25
23 mins
Within the maelstrom of our complex minds, we all share common struggles that affect how we perceive and interact with the real world. Robert Ohotto takes us on a safari of consciousness and brings insight to the challenges we all face.