Shanti Shakti

Shannon Paige
1 Season, 5 Episodes

Shannon Paige's Shanti Shakti Integrative Slow Flow yoga is a five-part series of gentle yet deep practices dedicated at rewinding stress, duress, and patterns of memorized tension in the physical and emotional body. Shannon moves you through a mind-FULL progression from foundation to freedom. It is an elemental system that maps beautifully over the physically informed five elements and correspondingly, philosophically, the five divine acts of the Universe. To this end embodying the myths of five great goddesses and their offerings from a place of being to becoming: Creation, Dissolution, Sustenance, Concealment and Revelation.

These practices are less aimed at peak postures and more at a peak unfolding of embodied experience and emotional release or integration. Therefore, the healing, stabilizations, and releases offered by these practices are unique to the practitioner each time one comes to mat.

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