Shannon Paige
Shanti Shakti
S1:Ep2VinyasaLevel 240 mins

This episode of Shannon Paige's Shanti Shakti series has a clear focus on hip opening, but wait - an arm balancing practice never felt so good! This practice encourages longer holds within postures to unleash creative energies that transform negative thought patterns into patterns of enough-ness. This practice starts at the foundation of the feet before moving up through the legs into the core. By creating a foot to core relationship, the sequence inspires a deep release of the hips. The postural experience lends an easy connection to the stories and power of Durga Shakti. The sum-totaled effect is a soft but connected and embodied belief to the power of imperfection as perfection and the words, “I AM ENOUGH.”

Instructor/Host: Shannon Paige
Video Language: English