Shannon Paige
Shanti Shakti
S1:Ep3VinyasaLevel 246 mins

This vinyasa practice with Shannon Paige puts more emphasis on transitions and “poses between the poses”. This practice will inspire fluid movement patterns and a deep power available within the core. With thoughtful and progressively deep core integration, the movement patterns, postures and transitions will be rhythmic to cultivate profound tension and emotional release. As such, with this practice you are open to formulate intention and attention towards that which one most deeply wishes to cultivate in the day-to-day. This practice draws on the archetype of fire and tales of Lakshmi Shakti. This goddess creates sustaining energy by granting what is asked for and mostly desired. The effect is a peaceful and empowering awareness of what no longer serves leaving the body, and ability to sustain the power of choice in the face of change.

Props: blanket, strap

Instructor/Host: Shannon Paige
Video Language: English