Shannon Paige

Living wholeheartedly as a teacher and mentor of teachers, Shannon is a spoken word artist, poet, sacred storyteller, and author, Shannon infuses her bodies of work, practices and trainings with a fullness of her living artfully and passionately on and off the mat. Her instruments of instruction are detailed and clear, while woven through a seemingly fluid progression of imagery, poetry and truth. She encourages and supports the practitioner to unlock the secrets held in the human heart, release stuck patterns that no longer serve, and attain new levels of integrated and expressive embodiment. She is described, by many, as one who is “confidently vulnerable” and therefore, one who inspires positive change. Shannon is loving mother of a glorious daughter and is based out of Boulder, Colorado, travels nationally and internationally to deliver transformative talks, workshops, trainings and retreats. Website: Facebook: Shannon Paige – Embodied Poetry Twitter : Shannon Paige @EmbodiedPoetry Instagram: Shannon1Paige1 Pinterest: Shannon Paige

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