Cacao Ceremony

Can chocolate really heal the heart? Cacao rituals were used for centuries in ancient American cultures. Many tribes believed that the Cacao pod was the key ingredient in the creation of humanity. It is said to be the ultimate heart opener, both physically and spiritually.

Having a deep passion for chocolate, Caryn Amber Rich, eating up to almost nine chocolates per day, instantly fell in love with IxCacao, known as the Goddess of Abundance. Not realizing the problems, hurt and pain Caryn was feeling with her heart she realized that IxCacao was assisting in opening her heart to become vulnerable and drop the barriers that held her from others. Caryn had the most profound experience attending her first IxCacao Ceremony. She describes it as finding the spirit of her heart.

Caryn, now a Cacao Weaver and Healer, shares the process and steps of an IxCacoa ceremony.

Featuring: Caryn Amber Rich, Zozo Ntlangula, Yaseen Luke Wang, Ninette Nottbusch
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English