Transcendence Extended Interviews
Season 2 . 22 Episodes

In this series, you will get to deep dive into the stories and interviews of the world’s most recognised doctors, scientists, high-performance athletes and thought leaders who are living a life of purpose through the power of food, mindset, education and self-discovery - all who have featured in the docu-series, Transcendence.

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Transcendence Extended Interviews (Trailer)
Episode 1
59 mins
When we hear the word domestication, we immediately think of livestock or our furry companions. But how would you respond if it was said that humans are as equally domesticated?
Episode 2
59 mins
It’s commonly said that the digital revolution has left us more connected than ever before and as equally disconnected.
Episode 3
35 mins
What would you do if you couldn’t fail? It’s the question that drives Kristina Karlsson, the dreamer behind Swedish-design stationery company Kikki K, that went from an idea at 3 a.m. to her opening 100 stores across the globe.
Episode 4
24 mins
Vishen Lakhiani is on a mission to create a conscious world, and here Vishen explores the failures of our current education system and how parenting is a lesson in self.
Episode 5
1 hr 20 mins
When Sadhvi Bhagawatiji walked away from her Ph.D. in psychology, she wasn’t searching for anything. Destiny found her. She has spent the last 23 years living in India, exploring service, self, and spirituality.
Episode 6
1 hr 31 mins
What are the stories that you tell yourself? The ones that you are convinced could be true and shape the way you live your life? Language creates reality, and you have a choice to live in the past or cultivate a brighter future.
Episode 7
55 mins
Most of us are on a quest to achieve a deeper sense of peace, happiness, and connection, but instead of looking internally, we’re seeking validation from external inputs, which has led us to an “epidemic” of dissatisfaction and isolation.
Episode 8
2 hrs 16 mins
What if you were told that your wound is the source of your greatest gift? That your wound basically throws a penny into the deep end of a pool, pushing you to dive down into the depths to retrieve it.
Episode 9
1 hr
If we understood that every moment and interaction was setting our child up with beliefs in this world, what would we do differently? And how would we remove meaning from the moment?
Episode 10
41 mins
Arielle Ford never imagined herself becoming an expert on love, but after waking up in her 40s and manifesting the soulmate of her dreams, she was inspired to help others do the same.
Episode 11
1 hr 21 mins
How has your education shaped who you are? Was the system attentive to your needs, or was your individuality cast to the side and ignored?
Episode 12
51 mins
We are living in a high-tech, low-touch society that’s driven by attainment and consumerism. We have reached a point of spiritual bankruptcy, that has left us intentionless in our actions, deficit of attention, and ultimately unhappy.
Episode 13
52 mins
Kim Morrison is, among many things, an athlete, aromatherapist, author, and a mother. Her journey to self-love and acceptance hasn’t been without challenge, but that’s the gift that makes her unique.
Episode 14
57 mins
Have you always wanted to develop a deeper understanding of how past traumatic experiences affect your inner being? Why does it manifest in your body in a certain way? What steps can you take to heal?
Episode 15
1 hr 15 mins
Bradley Nelson is one of the world's foremost experts in the emerging fields of Bioenergetic Medicine and Energy Psychology. Explore how you can re-discover this experience and begin to re-write your story anew.
Episode 16
1 hr 17 mins
What if you could immediately alleviate pain, stress and other health ailments, using a simple, proven technique accessible to you at any time? Learn how you can begin to heal through tapping.
Episode 17
57 mins
The way trauma expresses itself in our lives can come in many shapes and forms, more often than not it leaves us unable to interact and cope with everyday tasks. Tapping expert Jennifer Partridge knows all too well the lifelong cost of built-up trauma and its impact on how we function in society.
Episode 18
53 mins
Dave Asprey is a computer “hacker” turned biohacker, a realm he came to discover while on his own journey to weight loss and healing. Prepare to challenge your mind about plant medicine and discover a new way of being.
Episode 19
1 hr 38 mins
Nick Polizzi, author and producer of The Sacred Science, shares a classic tale of a conventional American upbringing on a Standard American Diet (SAD) that propelled him towards a lengthy battle with chronic migraines.
Episode 20
55 mins
Our quality of life depends on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. Mike Sherbakov, a former marine, turned conscious entrepreneur, reveals the questions he asked himself to break free from the glass ceiling of limitations that we impose on ourselves.
Episode 21
1 hr 7 mins
What does it take to help you bounce back? Does it get harder each time, or does the resilience make you stronger? Sonia Ricotti has experienced the worst of it.
Episode 22
1 hr 7 mins
Turia Pitt is a superhero who has overcome challenges far tougher than any of us could imagine. At age 24, while competing in an ultramarathon in the Australian outback, she was caught in a wildfire and faced burns on 65% of her body.