Yoga Express with Nadia Narain
1 Season . 7 Episodes

Everyone has 10 minutes for yoga! These 10-minute routines are based on major energetic and emotional themes you may encounter during your day.

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Yoga Express with Nadia Narain (Preview)

Create ten minutes each day for a yoga practice designed to keep you happy, healthy, and balanced. Choose from seven different classes, each based on major energetic and emotional themes.

Teacher: Nadia Narain
Episode 1
10 mins
Yoga Flow is based on the sun salutation to warm, energize, and invigorate the body.
Episode 2
11 mins
Core Flow is designed to strengthen your core and bring awareness to your center so that you feel centered and stable.
Episode 3
10 mins
Heart Flow will open and bring awareness to your emotional center, expanding your capacity to connect to others.
Episode 4
10 mins
Twist and Flow is designed to cleanse, releasing toxins and stress held in the body.
Episode 5
10 mins
The Stress Release practice allows you to let it all go and remove any excess stress trapped in the body.
Episode 6
10 mins
Relax and Unwind is designed to melt the tensions away and calm the mind, body, and soul. By gently stretching the body and working with the breath, the body can unwind and relax.
Episode 7
10 mins
Meditation is key to overall good health with mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits!