The Alchemy of Voice with Stewart Pearce

Everyone has a certain sound, a note, deep within us, which is attached to a certain frequency that establishes our voice. According to Stewart Pearce, sound healer and founder of The Alchemy of Voice, we slowly stop feeling that organic voice and become disconnected from it, thus moving toward disharmony. In this vibrant interview, Stewart reveals how we can reconnect with the sound of our true voice.

Stewart Pearce is a legendary Sound Healer, Angel Medium and renowned Master of Voice who held positions at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Webber Douglas Academy in London. Stewart has also developed Angelic Sound Healing processes known as The Alchemy of Voice, using the transformative energy of the voice for soul inspiration and personal development. He is the author of The Alchemy of Voice, The Angels of Atlantis, The Heart's Note, and Angels & the Keys to Paradise, alongside two award-winning Oracles, and six award-winning audio recordings.

Host: Lisa Garr
Featuring: Stewart Pearce
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English