Yoga Every Day

Dayna Seraye, Nichole Golden, Steph Schwartz, Kevin Courtney, Gina Caputo
19 Seasons, 392 Episodes

Yoga Every Day is a series of yoga practices designed to help you both establish your yoga routine while nurturing your curiosity. Released daily, Monday through Friday, these classes will explore some of yoga’s most ancient and fundamental practices through a modern frame-of-mind.

Practice 15 minutes Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and 30 minutes on Tuesdays with Dayna Seraye, Steph Schwartz, or Nichole Golden. Wrap up the week on Friday with a 30-minute practice by Gina Caputo or Kevin Courtney.

Each week of Yoga Every Day will feature a theme that the teachers will explore and expand upon during their classes.

MARCH THEME: This month we will explore the niyamas, or the yogic virtues that will help guide our inner growth.

Saucha | Self-Purification (3/5 - 3/9): Release stagnant energy from the body, mind, and spirit.

Santosha | Contentment (3/12 - 3/16): Practice making peace with whatever arises.

Svadhyaya | Self-Reflection (3/19 - 3/23): Look in the mirror of yoga.

Ishvara Pranidhana | Surrender (3/26 - 3/30): Transfer trust to the divine flow of life.


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