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About Yoga Every Day

Yoga Every Day is a series of 15-minute yoga practices released daily, Monday through Friday. Continue to explore your yoga practice each day with Steph and Nichole as they guide you through classes designed to keep you consistent while nurturing the inner-student within each of us. This season explore themes around transformation, patterns and rhythms found in nature, and the inner goddesses that reside in each of us (yes, you too guys!)

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This Week's Theme: Awaken The Inner Goddess

While masculine energy is what gets us from point A to B, feminine energy, or Shakti, is the force behind all creation. Every being has both energies, but finding balance, especially in today’s go-go-go world, can be difficult. Join Steph this week as you explore five unique goddesses, providing you with inspiration to awaken your own inner goddesses.

About Steph Schwartz:

A yoga and Kirtan warrior and a humble servant of the community, Steph loves to help people realize their awesomeness through dynamic yoga flows and heart opening chants.

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