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About Yoga Every Day

Yoga Every Day is a series of 15-minute yoga practices released daily, Monday through Friday. Continue to explore your yoga practice each day with Steph and Nichole as they guide you through classes designed to keep you consistent while nurturing the inner-student within each of us. In Season 9 we will celebrate the start of spring, digging into themes that will connect you to your roots, new growth, and the power of the sun.

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This Week's Theme: Discovering New Growth

This week with Nichole you will be using your yoga practice to better understand how consistency provides a path for change, evolution and progression. You’ll find that each time you come back to a posture you can see and feel how there is a deepening of the conversation with that pose. Bring the season of spring to your mat by discovering new growth!

About Nichole Golden:

Nichole is a free-spirited, loving soul inspired by the magic and mystery of life. She has been teaching yoga since 2007 and also enjoys being in nature, cooking, writing & poetry.

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Season 9