Yoga Every Day

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Join us in December as we bring our community together to reach 50,000 Yoga Every Day classes practiced to support the non-profit organization Yoga N Da Hood. For every practice you do, we donate to Yoga N Da Hood’s mission to bring yoga and mindfulness classes to inner-city children.

We will practice in the spirit of generosity this month with classes that have been curated around the virtue of Dāna, the Sanskrit word for generosity, or giving. In the Jain tradition, there are four types of Dāna, each of which will be featured as a weekly theme during the month of December.

Dāna of the Week: Ahara-dana - The Giving of Nourishment


Yoga Every Day is a series of 15-minute yoga practices released daily, Monday through Thursday. Continue to explore your yoga practice each day with Steph Schwartz, Nichole Golden, and Dayna Seraye as they guide you through classes designed to keep you consistent in your practice while also nurturing your curiosity.

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About Dayna Seraye: Dayna is devoted to cultivating the path of the heart through the sacred body temple.

About Steph Schwartz: A yoga and Kirtan warrior and a humble servant of the community, Steph loves to help people realize their awesomeness through dynamic yoga flows and heart

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