Yoga Every Day

11 Seasons, 235 Episodes

About Yoga Every Day

Yoga Every Day is a series of 15-minute yoga practices released daily, Monday through Friday. Continue to explore your yoga practice each day with Steph and Nichole as they guide you through classes designed to keep you consistent while nurturing the inner-student within each of us.

Season 11 asks you to start by slowing down with a week of practices with Nichole. Allowing yourself to rediscover the beauty of moving intentionally and reflectively sets you up for studying the Yamas and Niyamas with Steph, plus the concept of Maya, or the "veil of illusion” with Nichole in Week 3.

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This Week's Theme: The Niyamas in Action

This week you will look at the Niyamas, the second limb of Patanjali's eightfold path, with Steph. These ethical observances and practices relate to our inner world and teach us how to better live our yoga, both on and off the mat.

About Steph Schwartz:

A yoga and Kirtan warrior and a humble servant of the community, Steph loves to help people realize their awesomeness through dynamic yoga flows and heart opening chants.

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Season 11