Ascension Now Panel: Living in the 5D — Personal and Planetary Ascension

Our panel of ascension experts share their experiential and up-to-date knowledge of the complex ascension process taking place on the planet now, revealing practical step-by-step instructions that you can apply in your daily life. Be open to awakening your hidden knowledge, activating ancient codes, and charging your energy field with Light Consciousness.

The Current Cosmic Ascension Plan Steps to Prepare for Ascension Activate Soul’s Ascension Timeline Accessing the Quantum Field Transcend Ego Resistance Heal Core Wounding Build Heart Magnetism How to Activate the Merkaba Light Body Scientific Technology of Transfiguration The Role Crystal Light Plays Living in the 5D Earth

Host: Debra Giusti
Featuring: Nassim Haramein, Meg Benedicte, Maureen St. Germain, Lori Spagna, Tracey Ash, Alexa Person
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English