What Is the Universe Up to With You?

Gaia is proud to present this GaiaSphere event available for Gaia+ Members.

There is a destiny within you that wants to emerge. When you know how powerful you are and let go of false ideas about yourself, your life begins to change. Michael Beckwith shares fundamental knowledge about your true nature and how the universe supports you in living your destiny.

Beckwith shows you how to hold your attention on your expansion and transmute fear. He explains what it means to be in this “age of agency” and how you can participate in your own evolution. He describes the Four Stages of Spiritual Growth, breaking down the mindsets of each stage and how life changes as you evolve new perspectives. The session ends with activating dance, meditation to uncover, amplify, and embrace your built-in intentionality, and Q&A.

“Whatever you prepare for, you get.” — Michael Beckwith

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English