The Kaleidoscope Effect

Are you ready to become a supernatural version of yourself? In this hour-long culmination of the kaleidoscope meditation, Dr Joe Dispenza guides you through a relaxing pineal gland activation and into a receptive, ecstatic, sustained gamma brainwave state where anything is possible.

In the brain scans of people looking at kaleidoscopes, the association centers of the brain are not active. This is because the patterns trigger a trancelike state that bypasses the perceptual networks in the brain. The complex geometric patterns you’re about to see help unlock the subconscious mind

During the meditation, it’s recommended to: ✓ Allow your thoughts to come & go without attachment ✓ Gaze into the center of the screen ✓ Focus on the patterns ✓ Relax & receive from the field

During the meditation, it’s recommended NOT to do the following: ✘ Don’t engage the conscious mind ✘ Don’t try or force anything ✘ Don’t analyze or judge ✘ Don’t try to make patterns or associations

After the meditation: Your brain may or may not register the gamma state. It often happens when you least expect it and when you stop trying. Stay open and receptive each time you do this meditation, and welcome to the Unknown!

Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English