Channeling Wise Merlins

A group of initiates journey through Great Britain to facilitate the healing of self for shifting Earth's magnetic field and mending a fragmented history.

Matías De Stefano, host of The Journey of Remembering, recounts his spirit-led group pilgrimage through the stone circles of Great Britain and the ceremonies he spontaneously channeled from “Wise Merlins” and “Ancient Druids” to fulfill a new sacred mission.

He emphasizes that the true meaning of "re-membering" is the act of putting members back together. By exploring their inner landscapes, transforming patterns, and recognizing inner power, the initiates were able to heal themselves and organically offer that healing transmission to humanity.

Follow Matías' unforgettable voyage in season 2 of 'The Journey of Remembering' - available on Gaia.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English