Evolving Beyond Survival

In episode 9, host and guide Matias De Stefano explores how genetic scientists influenced humanity to become symbiotic with Earth, a crucial turning point in the evolution of human consciousness. “For those species that reach to go outside their own planets and inhabit other systems,” Matias says, “they understood that in order to connect with the energy of the Spirit, they needed to harvest energy in every planet.” Explaining how our solar system aligns with our chakra system, Matias describes the power of agriculture throughout the galaxy and provides a deeper understanding of how planets like Earth can become greenhouses throughout the cosmos. Matias also details the vital importance of balancing nature through unconditional love. “We need to be the main source of our own energy; we need to reach the gods and the goddesses within. And once we do that, we will generate so much energy in harmony, that every being in the universe could use our energy and we wouldn’t even notice.”

Audio Languages: English, French, German
Subtitles: English, French, German