Cord Blood Benefits with Charis Ober

Despite the controversies, stem cell research has made amazing advancements in the treatment of previously untreatable conditions. Now private and public cord blood banks are opening all over the world to collect umbilical cord blood for lifesaving transplants and life-changing transfusions. Charis Ober, a cord blood advocate and the Executive Director of Save the Cord Foundation, explains the history of stem cell therapy and how these advancements help doctors treat previously untreatable conditions.

Charis Ober is the founder and Executive Director of Save the Cord Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit foundation that advocates for global cord blood education and awareness. Charis received her degree in Marketing from the University of Arizona, and has spent over 30 years working for pharmaceutical industry leaders; Schering-Plough and J and J's, McNeil Pharmaceutical. Save the Cord Foundation was established after Charis met two children whose lives had been saved by a sibling cord blood transplant. Save the Cord Foundation is both a nationally and globally respected leader and voice in educating expectant parents and the public about private banking and public donation, along with the regenerative and lifesaving benefits of saving umbilical cord blood. Charis lives in Tucson, Arizona, has a son and daughter and is married to Dr. Richard Ober.

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