In Yin yoga, we aim to deepen and direct our postures to target the connective tissues that less frequently exercised. It serves as a compliment to the Yang styles of yoga, which are more dynamic and muscle focused. In our Yin yoga videos, teachers teach you to listen closely to your body. During these slow-paced sessions, you will encounter discomfort and learn how to quietly let go. As you hold poses for a longer period of time, you'll deepen the flexibility and elasticity of your connective tissues, and bring more mobility and lubrication to stiff joints. While some postures may seem simple at first, the challenge of Yin yoga lies in the duration of the poses. This meditative approach is not thought to be a complete practice, but rather a compliment to other styles of active and flowing yoga. Our Yin yoga online courses allow you to practice anywhere, anytime. You'll experience variations of seated and supine poses that are designed to help you sit more comfortably in meditation. These seemingly-easy passive postures often take repetition to fully understand and relax into. Most postures are held for between 3-5 minutes, however, some can be held for as long as 20 minutes. Balance your yoga practice and dive into our collection of Yin yoga videos.

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