Daniel Estulin: Global Transformation in the Post-Industrial World

Conscious Life Expo 2020 with Daniel Estulin
S1:Ep91 hr, 14 minsFebruary 2020

Daniel offers options and solutions on political, economic, and social levels to increase levels of human consciousness and improve the lives of everyone. The concept of infinite growth on a finite planet no longer works. This keynote analyzes the agony of Pax Americana in the context of a world financial collapse.

With the dismantling of Westphalia (nation-states), and the end of the debt growth model, the establishment is making every effort to keep the slow burn going to protect themselves and the global financial infrastructure from collapse. Countries are being replaced with global projects, at war with others for the survival of the ever-diminishing natural resources.

Dr. Daniel Estulin is a preeminent historian of the global elite and Ph.D. of conceptual intelligence. In his international best seller, The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, which has sold 7.6 million copies in 68 countries and been translated into 48 languages, Dr. Estulin was the first man to publicly expose this shadowy cabal of some of the world’s most powerful behind the scenes manipulators.

Instructor/Host: Daniel Estulin
Video Language: English