Sunrise Yoga
3 Seasons . 64 Episodes

Sync up with the rhythmic wisdom of nature. Tap into your natural rhythm and awaken with these mindful 30-minute practices. Engage your day grounded, centered, and present with Sunrise Yoga.

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Morning Ritual (Preview)

Sync up with the rhythmic wisdom of nature with Sunrise Yoga. These mindful 30-minute practices will introduce you to new morning rituals, including awareness cultivation practices, Tantrik meditations, yoga nidra, gentle asana sequences, and breath based sun salutations. Find your new favorite class, while exploring a vast range of traditional yogic practices. Enter into your day grounded, centered, and in tune with the harmony of life.

Episode 1
34 mins
A new take on an old favorite! Join Ashleigh for a short, effective and nourishing asana practice that will awaken, enliven, and ground your entire being.
Episode 2
31 mins
Focus your awareness on your breath, allowing it to become the bridge between the body and mind. Move through a balanced sequence of static postures to tune into the pace and rhythm of your breath.
Episode 3
34 mins
A gentle movement and breath practice that will nourish your cells, flood your brain with oxygen, and clear your mind to prepare for the day. Explore pranayama (breathwork) practices seated and lying down, then move through some physical shapes to allow you to receive the divine breath of the universe, a potent source of your power. Breathe fresh energy into the new day!
Episode 4
30 mins
Examine the interplay between effort and surrender by working with pranayama (breathing techniques) and strong postures. Find harmony between strength and softness as you move on the mat this morning. By using your yoga practice to experience balance and peace, you will begin to see these principles translate off the mat and into your everyday life.
Episode 5
29 mins
Relax into the promise of a new day and meet new opportunities from a grounded and clear space, with this morning nidra practice. A meditation lying down, this powerful way to greet the day will restore all of the bodily systems and shift you into an emotional state of optimism and opportunity.
Episode 6
32 mins
A vigorous but approachable practice to evoke the qualities of loving-kindness. Service is the road to happiness.
Episode 7
29 mins
This slow moving and simple practice of sun salutation variations offers a beautiful start for your day. In this moving prayer, gain steady recognition of the light in all things.
Episode 8
30 mins
Enjoy a slow, steady, and graduated sun salutation practice to focus on the lyrical flow and discipline of repetition. Create a rhythm for your day that embodies the essence of a spiritual ritual, allowing you to find gratitude and appreciation for moments on and off your mat. Begin with sun salutations, then move through a series of lunges, warrior poses, and options for jump-back transitions, then close with a couple gentle movements before close in savasana.
Episode 9
28 mins
Become a witness to the power of breath in this flow. Observe the effects as the body and mind surrender to the wisdom of prana, the essence of the breath, with these subtle, simple, but powerful techniques.
Episode 10
30 mins
Align mind, body, and spirit with the circadian rhythms of nature. As you transition from sleep to wakefulness, discover natural energy through cycles of gentle, nourishing movements. Brinig the body and mind into harmony with this hatha practice to get your day started!
Episode 11
29 mins
Invigorate your morning with this quick start practice. Ceate space in the side body and move mindfully through poses, then explore pranayama (breath practice) and meditation.
Episode 12
31 mins
Join this restorative practice designed to rejuvenate and balance your mind, body, and soul. Learn to let go and simply bask in the abundance of now.
Episode 13
31 mins
Stimulate the digestive fire (agni) and spiritual flame. Focus on twists and pranayama (breath work) practices to help get your morning off to a good start!
Episode 14
31 mins
Enjoy the incredible sensation of sending all of your body’s energy to the center of your heart in this moving practice infused with powerful bija mantras (seed sounds). As your energy moves into your heart chakra, feel the infinite quietness, receiving the world as it is, and observe how it is unfolding moment by moment.
Episode 15
30 mins
Start your day with a clear mind, grounded body, and open heart ready to embrace what the world has to offer you today! Includes 108 mantras, a gentle seated practice, and calming meditation.
Episode 16
35 mins
A gentle hatha practice to awaken your body and mind slowly and peacefully. Move slowly, allowing time to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for your day ahead.
Episode 17
32 mins
Begin your morning bathing the heart and mind with the ancient practice of a prostration series. This sweet class is designed to help you connect to your heart while simultaneously moving from it.
Episode 18
33 mins
The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. Explore a series of seated and standing postures, along with twists and backbends to support your connection to yourself.
Episode 19
31 mins
Pay homage to vinyasa yoga’s Ashtanga roots in this simple, grounding practice. Start with classic sun salutations and then progress into a simple standing and floor series, with attention focused on breath over alignment.
Episode 20
33 mins
Harvest the bright, jubilant energy of the sunrise in this morning practice. Bring the energy of the sun to your mind and body, filling yourself with an awakened experience that will fuel your entire day.
Episode 21
27 mins
Reconnect to the earth as you wake up your feet in this morning ritual practice. Stretch the arches and ankles and stimulate your marma points on the feet and calves. Find freedom in your feet!
Episode 22
34 mins
Struggle getting up in the morning? This carefully crafted morning ritual practice will help to gently wake up, awakend from the sleepy cocoon, and preparing for a beautiful day.
Episode 23
31 mins
See the world through a new lens while moving through this intentional grounding practice that builds toward headstand and shoulderstand. Enjoy floor-based folds, twists, spinal lengthening, and shoulder openers. Prepare to work through a series of steps that support you in your inversions.
Episode 24
30 mins
Cultivate an uplifted aliveness to permeate every moment of the day. Set the tone for a brilliant and beautiful day.
Episode 25
32 mins
Allow your breath to be the guide in this flowing morning practice. Cultivate more range of motion into your joints and soothe your mind.
Episode 26
32 mins
Lure yourself out of rest with this gently flowing class. Focus on the sacredness of all transitions, both on your mat and in your day. Use this class to nudge yourself into a beautiful new day!