Today in the Cleanse: Gluten & Soy Challenge

Is gluten-free simply a trend, or is there more to the story? What about that little bean called soy? These two ingredients can be confusing, but we’ll set you straight and give you alternatives to eat. Let your body do the talking.

Cleanse Overview:

Cleanse Packet:

Today’s Yoga Practice: Conscious Cleanse Flow

Increase circulation and blood flow to the digestive organs, release toxins, and boost energy in this vinyasa flow with Jo and Jules. Make your own yoga roll using an extra mat or large bath towel. You will use this prop to boost digestion and get things movin’!



✓ Drink a Green Smoothie

✓ Drink water

X No sugar

X No caffeine or alcohol

X No gluten or soy

✓ Complete the Wellness Evaluation

✓ Find 39 minutes to complete today’s yoga practice


X No dairy or eggs

Instructor/Host: Jo Schaalman
Video Language: English