The Conscious Cleanse

Jo Schaalman & Jules Peláez
1 Season, 14 Episodes
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Want a fast track to feeling fantastic and living a vibrant, radiant, and fulfilling life? In just two weeks, detox your system and tone your body with this simple formula for vibrant health.

Our most successful guide yet, the 14-Day Clean Eating & Yoga Challenge is a straightforward approach to living a vibrant life through nutrition and yoga.

Cleanse Overview:

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We’ve partnered with Jo & Jules from The Conscious Cleanse for the 14-Day Clean Eating & Yoga Challenge, a day-by-day elimination cleanse. Learn what can stay, what should go, and how to eat for vibrancy and well-being.


Why do yogis cleanse? To clear attachment and aversion—two obstacles to a yogi’s goal of union with the self. Calm your mind chatter and clear bad habits with asanas designed to move toxins and dislodge blocked energy. These yoga asana practices will nourish your body physically and mentally.