Eliminating Food Cravings

For many struggling with weight loss, eliminating food cravings can be at the core of your blockages. Cravings for certain foods are less about hunger, and more about the emotional association, the comfort we find within each bite, and the fear of wastage. In this episode, Dr. Peta Stapleton will introduce you to a tapping script she has used on a much-loved cookie but can be adapted for any food that has a hold over you.

In this lesson you will discover:

  • How weight loss can be triggered through a change of mindset.
  • Why barriers in our weight-loss journey can be cravings, comfort, a childhood story, or even an inherent fear of throwing it away.
  • Ways to remove the meaning and reliance we place on certain foods.
  • A simple tapping script you can use to address food cravings and concerns.
Host: Dr. Peta Stapleton
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English