For the Benefit of All Beings - Meditation

How can we open our hearts to the whole world? In this meditation practice of Art of Letting Go, teacher Sah D’Simone describes how we can dedicate our purpose to the benefit of all beings and live a life of service to benefit others.

In this expansive practice, you’re guided to

✓ Uncover the wellspring of compassion and kindness within, setting the stage for a selfless and altruistic journey. ✓ Navigate the delicate balance of honoring your own needs while extending compassion to others through exploring the interconnectedness of all beings. ✓ Extend heartfelt wishes for the well-being of all beings, transcending boundaries and touching lives across the planet.

By cultivating a selfless and altruistic mindset, you contribute to the collective elevation of consciousness, fostering a ripple effect of positive energy throughout the world.

Home play: • Anonymously do something nice for someone who cannot repay you. • Reflect on how it made you feel to give back and be of service.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English