For the Benefit of All Beings

Welcome to a profound excavation of your heart with Sah D'Simone as he invites you to deepen your practice for the liberation of humanity.

In this soul-awakening lesson, Sah D'Simone guides you to tap into: ✓ The boundless capacity of your heart to extend the same unconditional love and care you have for your loved ones to all beings, without exception. ✓ Infinite resources of love, compassion, and kindness with techniques to harness the transformative power of the heart for offering care and compassion to humanity in meaningful ways. ✓ Aligning your practice with the greater good of all beings through holding the intention for the path of service to humanity as the ultimate gift of the spiritual journey.

Orient yourself to the benefit of all beings, tapping into the healing power of unconditional love, compassionate service, and spiritual wisdom for the liberation of humanity.

Home play: • Get curious about your self-care practices and ask yourself if you allow yourself to expand beyond the healing for yourself and allow it to exude out to the collective.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English