The Joy of Letting Go - Meditation

How can we learn to handle all that life throws at us with ease? In this meditation, teacher Sah D’Simone shares how we can practice joy by relaxing into our present circumstances, whatever they may be.

In this practice, Sah D'Simone invites you to: ✓ Cultivate a profound sense of satisfaction with your current state of being by discovering the inherent fulfillment that arises from embracing yourself exactly as you are. ✓ Create space for inner peace and flow, regardless of external circumstances by Inviting in serenity that comes from releasing resistance and allowing things to unfold naturally by relinquishing the need to control every outcome. ✓ Pave the way for profound personal growth and evolution by reframing challenges as opportunities for empowerment, you harness the transformative power of positivity and resilience.

Learn to embrace total satisfaction, cultivate acceptance of the uncontrollable, and create a new imprint of power and transformation by seeing the good in everything, empowering yourself to navigate life with grace and resilience.

Home play: • Set aside 15 minutes and journal on what this guide inspired in you • Write a letter to your current self, from your future/higher self, and keep it at your altar or a place that you can see it in your home as a memento.

Host: Sah D'Simone
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English