Four Foundations for Humanity

Throughout the eons, several advanced beings have visited Earth, but for the past roughly 1,000,000 years, four specific races have been major influences on planet Earth to guide humans to advanced stages of progress and spiritual evolution. These four main species took up residence in the major portals of the Earth to influence the planetary elements, directions and states of human consciousness. Matias De Stefano shares his memories of these four foundations of humanity that we now call: Mu, the Annunaki, giants, and reptilians. Some were loving and benevolent; others used fear and frustration as the energy and impetus to help propel human evolution to a more advanced state.

To comprehend how these beings used this polarity as a tool for our growth, we need to understand: • The geometry of creation, from the sixth to the fourth dimension, that created an evolutionary path for beings in the third dimension • The portals that brought advanced civilizations to the Earth and the kingdoms they ruled over • The advances that they brought to primitive humans which include language, genetics, and consciousness • Emotions are the portals to every dimension and why some of these beings felt they needed to rule over human emotions

Audio Languages: English, German, French
Subtitles: English, German, French