200,000 years ago, the Alithir came to Earth to raise the vibration of the planet and code the water. As they settled, they created the ancient civilization known as Mu. Matias De Stefano describes how they built their settlements on three pacific islands, surrounded by four great deserts, so that they could watch over the burgeoning humanity and work with the main portal of planet, where the moon crashed. Their culture endured until war broke out with Atlantis and the remaining survivors of Mu retreated underground, where many remain to this day.

As we explore the people of Mu, we learn: • The correlation of Earth's landmasses to the organs and chakras of the human body • Why MU was created and how they designed their civilization to affect human evolution • The connection between Mu and Lemuria, and their specific roles on this planet as guides and protectors of the portals • How we can start to awaken our consciousness to remember the teachings of these people

Audio Languages: English, German, French
Subtitles: English, German, French