Creation of the Galactic Confederation

Initiation with Matias De Stefano
S2:Ep631 minsJuly 6, 2020

The galactic confederation was born of necessity as intelligent life began to flourish and evolve throughout the galaxy. It became apparent that an organization was needed to collaborate on the enduring evolution of consciousness in the third dimension. Matias De Stefano discusses the beginning of the galactic confederation, detailing how it helps maintain harmony in our galaxy and how it oversees the human experiment.

As we explore this confederation, we learn:

• It is organized like a UN of the galaxy with the goal of helping planets grow to be in harmony with the process of evolution set up by the Elohim.

• Their system of governance is based on biology, with no leadership or democracy, but seeking the resonance of mutually agreed upon decisions.

• Why they cautiously approach humanity, as we need to learn to balance our emotions, which can be too energetically volatile for them.

• Their influence on the early Atlantean civilization that used the sun like an antenna to connect consciousness with Sirius and the rest of the galaxy.

Instructor/Host: Matias De Stefano
Video Language: English