Grey Technology Exchange Program

Did an ET encounter in the South Indian Ocean reveal a Grey extraterrestrial technology exchange program?

On November 10, 1981, a remarkable event unfolded at Kerguelen Island, a remote and isolated location in the South Indian Ocean. It all began when the American/Australian joint defense facility known as Pine Gap detected an astonishing 30-50 UFOs on radar, soaring north from Antarctica. This anomalous sighting set off an intriguing chain of events.

Retired AFOSI agent Richard Doty reveals the intricate and internationally-coordinated response by air and sea that followed this UFO encounter. This astonishing incident led to a clandestine meeting between scientists, military personnel, and two extraterrestrial beings known as the Greys. The outstandingly mysterious question arising from this meeting is whether the ET encounter on Kerguelen Island was connected to the enigmatic reappearance of a submarine that had been missing for years. Could both events be interconnected, part of a covert exchange program with the Greys? Uncover the untold story behind this extraordinary encounter and its possible implications.

Host: Emery Smith
Featuring: Richard Doty
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English