Intermediate Advanced Neck Therapeutics

This class from Ashleigh Sergeant is not for beginners. A strong therapeutic class that focuses on using perfect alignment in progressively more weight-bearing poses to help heal neck and shoulder pain. Must have a strong working knowledge of spinal biomechanics and headstand away from the wall.

Contraindications: cervical herniations.

[A side note from Ashleigh: Excited (and a bit apprehensive) to share this video on yoga therapeutics for the neck. I've been wary to offer a class like this on video because it really is for advanced practitioners, and anyone practicing it should be open to being humble and cautious. We use weight-bearing poses, with precise alignment, in order to create strength and curvature in the cervical spine. It is a potent and extremely healing class – when done with impeccable alignment. It can injure if done without care and alignment. Please practice with reverence and extra care if you have an injury. Enjoy!]

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English