Ashleigh Sergeant

Ashleigh’s practices create an empowering experience of self-exploration and healing for her students. Whether through movement or stillness, the ultimate goal of Ashleigh’s teachings is to cultivate a meditative state that nourishes the nervous system and unwinds stress patterns. Ashleigh is a certified teacher in hatha, vinyasa, therapeutics, and meditation with nearly 2,000 hours of training and is a teacher trainer herself as the co-founder of The Ālaya Yoga School. Having found yoga during a physically painful time in her adolescence, Ashleigh’s work is deeply rooted in using yoga to support both mental and physical health. When not teaching, find Ashleigh exploring the jungles of her Costa Rican home, gardening, spontaneously dancing, and savoring the messy moments in life. Discover more about Ashleigh:

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