Correct posture issues and prevent injuries in our collection of Therapeutic yoga videos. Whether injured, ill or just looking to learn more about the your body, these therapeutic yoga sessions will guide you through a safe and effective journey of self awareness and healing. Release the tension and stress and turn your practice into a blissful experience as you strengthen your body and mind. Witness the change and transformation that therapeutic yoga can have on your life. Our collection of therapeutic yoga videos combine restorative yoga, gentle movements, breath awareness and guided meditation in order to heal and rejuvenate your body. With an emphasis on muscular balance and postural integrity, this approach to yoga will give your body a gentle, yet deep stretch to work out old and new spots of tension and anxiety. Using readily available props such as pillows and blankets to gently support your body, you'll be well on your way to recovery. Ease your mind and your psyche as you melt into a state of deep relaxation and focus. As you realign your body and chakras, you'll remove the blockages in your body and allow energy to flow freely through your system. Discover the power that comes from within with our collection of therapeutic yoga videos.

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