The Location of Paradise

This lecture presentation is the result of painstaking research, as Freddy Silva reveals that the placement of holy temples was not by random chance.

Gazing through a window into paradise, we scan across countless eons of enlightened beings calling us forth to our ascension. Placed upon geomagnetic hotspots, ancient temples and stone circles form a vast network whose purpose is focus and channel the earth’s subtle energy. Traverse through the portals of these temples and you become entranced by this energy as it courses through your being.

For thousands of years countless seekers sought to understand the mystery of ancient sacred sites. All of them are aligned across a global grid as calculated by sacred geometry. It seems the architects of these locales had intended for the transfiguration of all human souls through self-realization.

Featuring: Freddy Silva
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish