The Path to Paradise

What is paradise really about? Why did philosophers see it as the only place to find true wisdom? Can it be experienced while one is alive? If paradise is more than an imaginary realm, how and where can it be reached? Welcome to a 10,000-year journey of self-improvement. In this film, best-selling author and leading researcher Freddy Silva explores ancient civilizations and their spiritual development from Egypt to Peru. While eastern traditions equate paradise with a higher ideal, in the west, it is often seen as a land tainted by evil and accessible only to the dead. Distorted by translation errors and religious propaganda, such a view bears little resemblance to the original teachings. Persian mystics, Mayan shamans, ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Greek philosophers, and even Knights Templar made accessing paradise their life’s ambition, so what did they learn from their explorations? How were ancient temples and sacred sites designed to take human souls into a paradisiacal state? And if paradise is more than an imaginary otherworld, how and where can it be reached? We welcome you to join this journey of self-improvement, starting in Japan and ending, incredibly, in America’s capital. Featuring: Freddy Silva Release Date: 2021

Featuring: Freddy Silva
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English