The Many Charts of Obama

The Eleventh House with Robert Phoenix
S1:Ep2054 minsApril 2014

What is President Obama really like under the public façade that he so deftly displays? Astrology may provide insight, but only if the correct birth data can be determined. This is not a matter of his place of birth, but rather a question of date and time. To better ascertain this information, we will examine three different natal charts.

Up first is the natal chart for Obama’s official birth date and time, which does not seem to fully correlate to his character. However, if we look at a chart with an alternate birth time, we gain a better understanding of his personality and life’s work. Lastly we look at a very controversial chart, which some say is Obama’s true chart. In this chart we will uncover the traits of someone who is a representative of a Luciferian Aquarian revolution.

Robert Phoenix explores the personality traits from three potential natal charts for President Obama in an attempt to reveal who he really is.

Instructor/Host: Robert Phoenix
Video Language: English